Gourmet Coffee

Wake up.  Dust off.  Drink up.  Roll on. 
Souls Awakened Wake Up Sleeper is a lighter blend with a brighter initial acidic punch to wake up those taste buds in a 
hurry.  As with all of our coffees, it is okay to take a couple of quick hits while it is as hot as a bolt of lightning to get your 
eyes past half mast.  After that initial strike, take some time to enjoy the various flavor profiles as the temperature 
decreases to fully experience what Wake Up Sleeper really has to offer. 
Like any Souls Awakened song, Wake Up Sleeper is an amazing experience from the first note to the last, and best when shared with others!
Shipping is free on orders of two or more bags.  Please update your quantity before clicking the Buy Now button. 

Our coffee is offered in a variety of options with the same great taste.  For most folks, the safest options are either whole bean if you you want to grind your own, or drip-paper filter for most traditional coffee makers. 
Whole Bean - Roasted, unground, whole coffee beans 
Cold Brew - Ground specifically for making cold brew coffee 
Home Espresso - Ground for making espresso 
Drip-Paper Filter - Ground for making coffee using a traditional paper filter 
Drip-Metal Filter - Ground for use with a metal filter 
Chemex - Ground for use with Chemex coffee makers 
Hario V60 - Ground for use with Hario products 
Aeropress - Ground for use with Aeropress 
French Press - Ground for use with a French press 
Keurig - Ground for use with reusable K Cups